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Hey everybody, Clarita here, with Absolute Best -- author, fitness expert, and entrepreneur. Welcome to my Sit'n'Fit Mini-Course. I'm here to help you, the health and fitness enthusiast, overcome the limitations that keep you from getting down on the floor to exercise; through Sit'n'Fit -- The Alternative to Floor Work. 

I've been in the fitness industry for more than 40 years. I've worked with top-notch fitness gurus and celebrities like the makers of Bowflex, Kathy Smith Lifestyles, and infomercial giant Guthy-Renker. If there is something that delivers results, I know about it, and I know how to bring it to you.  

The truth is that you don't need to spend hours at the gym lifting heavy weights. You don't need to get down on the floor to develop great abs, tight glutes, or nice arms. All you need to get the results you are looking for is Sit'n'Fit. 

So go through the lessons, do the workouts, and you too can be -- Sit'n'Fit. 




This outline is an overview of my Sit'n'Fit Mini-Course lessons.

This Mini-Course consists of six main lessons:

  • The Body Systems

  • Sit'n'Breathe

  • The Body Systems Workout

  • Sit'n'Feel

  • The Core Tissues

  • Sit'n'Fit To the Max

Lesson 1:  

The Body Systems – Learn about the eleven major systems meant to work in perfect synchronicity. When you are well, these systems harmonize, in concert, and create an ideal environment for a healthy body. Best health practices bring all these physiological mechanisms into homeostasis.   

Lesson 2:

Sit'n'Breathe – In this lesson, I translate what I say in English into Spanish intermittently throughout the module. (You get a bonus Spanish lesson along with your fitness session!) Learn the basics of relaxation through Yogic breathing. We expand and contract with each breath, just like the Universe expands and contracts. Learn to sync up with the rhythm of your breath. The more you practice these simple techniques, the more you will connect with the Power of Universal Consciousness. Breath is the life force; once you become fully aware of it, your life begins to transform.

Lesson 3:

The Body Systems Workout – Learn which exercise can stimulate, strengthen, and fortify each body's systems to enhance functionality and performance in your movement and health.

Lesson 4:

Sit'n'Feel – Energy is all around us. The electricity within and without our body connects us to our internal and external worlds. We can feel and hear vibrations, see color and light, or taste and smell the sweetness or stench of our environment. We are sentient beings with intelligence built into our cells. I created this module to help you wield personal power through your energetic field and beyond.

Lesson 5:

The Core Tissues – The muscles, tendons, and ligaments of our trunk are "the core" of our body. The basis for our stability, coordination, and agility stems from the core. Energetic and physical strength comes from your center and branches out to your limbs and head. Learn how to engage and stimulate these muscles and simultaneously develop great-looking abs.

Lesson 6:

Sit'n'Fit To the Max – The final workout is a comprehensive workout utilizing strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, and endurance all in one session. It is the culmination of all the earlier Sit'n'Fit sessions merged into one powerful workout. When you complete this module, you will understand basic Yoga asanas, master proper breath control, and embrace a new awareness of your health and wellness through Sit'n'Fit!

Are you ready? Go to the first lesson!

Namaste, Peace, Love

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